Earn up to 8 percent
with 24/7 Liquidity

Konkrete is your gateway to invest in over-collaterized 100%
asset backed loans from all over the world.

Express Interest

No lock in. Deposit and Withdraw at any time.

Licensed and Regulated Financial Institution.

High Yield Savings Passive Income.

Experienced Team in Finance and Technology.

Compounding Interest Daily.

Konkrete Finance is your bridge to global crypto money markets where you'll be able to experience high yields and liquidity.


Total Deployed on
Crypto Markets


Highest Yield


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Why Earn with Konkrete?

High-Yield Returns with Full Flexibility

Earn a significantly higher interest than traditional bank deposits and alternative investments. Konkrete offers you full flexibility by allowing you to add and withdraw funds at any time.

Compounded Interest Paid out Daily.

The power of compounding ensures that every day a larger interest amount is credited into your account, letting you enjoy secure high-yield passive income without any fees or commissions.

100% Asset-Backed Guarantee

Your funds will be secured at all times by asset-backed portfolios of overcollateralized loans

Regulatory Compliance

Konkrete is a Corporate Authorised Representative of AFSL (number) and adheres to the strictest KYC and AML global compliance standards.

Experienced Team

Konkrete is built by an experienced team with more than 10 years in Finance and Technology. The team previously built Estate Baron, a real estate crowdfunding platform which has processed more than $50M for clients.

Decentralised Protocols

We will only deploy in completely decentralised non-custodial money markets to reduce counterparty risks. These platforms are fully audited and have over-collateralized assets as security.

Comparison Table

Institution Type Access to funds Annual Interest Rate Security Account Opening
Konkrete Investment Company Near instant fee free withdrawals Typically 8% Over-collateralized assets Free, online and near instant
Major Banks Banks 6 Month Deposit Term 0.4%-1% Deposit Guarantee Slow + Branch visit required
Other P2P Money Markets Lending Platform 5 years - Loss on early withdrawals 3.60% - 6% Exposure to counterparty risks Online for residents only

Express Interest

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